James Smith Sr. established Fertl Soil in the Mid 1920’s. He along with Dr. Howard Sprague of Rutgers experimented with many different blends until coming up with the original Biodressing that is still used today. Feral Soil was the first and only major commercial product on the market for many years. Even today competitive topdressing companies have features that emulate his original product.

Mr. Smith also developed the first groove cultivation machine for turf, which was the forerunner of those on market today. While he never obtained a patent on this machine, he said he was repaid be personal satisfaction and his use of the machine in turf markets.

Turf education and research were always supported enthusiastically by Mr. Smith. Infers prior to the NJTA, he served on the Turfgrass Advisory Committee at Rutgers University. His work with turf was recognized by the New Jersey Golf Course Superintendents and the NJTA, which made him the first inductee in to the New Jersey Turfgrass Hall of Fame

Today, we continue to manufacture Topdressing & Premium Soil Blends for the golf industry, commercial landscape contractors and athletic fields. We continue to develop new products and new manufacturing processes to keep our products as innovative as it was when Mr. Smith created it back in the 20’s.